Glutathione Brightening Exfoliator  

200ml, plastic pump bottle

Benefits of exfoliating and why is it necessary?

So first, what is exfoliating? Exfoliation is the removal of dead and dry skin cells that build up on the surface of the skin. Exfoliating is one the most crucial parts of your skincare routine as it helps to keep the skin soft, smooth and looking healthy, by removing topical dead skin. Exfoliating not only helps the skin to look good but also increases blood circulation. Blood circulation encourages healthier skin and appears to glow from within.Exfoliation also aids in fighting acne. Removing the top layer of skin although minimally but assists with acne scars, dark spots and ingrown hair after shaving. Also reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment helps for blemished skin and is also great because it will strip the skin of bacteria that causes dark spots, by drawing out impurities that clog pores. This means that if you exfoliate regularly you are getting rid of the unwanted dirt and oils that build up on your skin.Can you exfoliate if you have dry skin? Since exfoliating is part of a crucial skincare routine that should help your skin appear smoother and softer. A good exfoliation process helps to smooth out any dry patches and flakiness you may suffer from, however ensure that you are following up with a good moisturiser as exfoliation could strip the skin down too much.

Key ingredients:
Papaya extract, Aqua, Kojic dipalmitate acrylates, Glycereth-26

1. Wet face, then pump out required amount (as directed by skincare professional) and gently exfoliate the face .
2. Rinse with warm water then pat dry.
3. For best results follow with toner, and moisturizer.


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